Removing Trees Because of California’s Drought

The drought situation in California is a tragedy that is affecting every fiber of society from top to bottom, but what isn’t discussed that much is the effect the drought is having on California’s trees. Take Orange County’s Newport Beach, for example. The city has had to increase its tree budget by $400,000 to remove… Read more »

What to Do with Your Damaged Trees

Over the past few weeks, America has seen its fair share of weather events, whether flash floods, tornadoes, or hurricanes. When something like that happens, it is a guarantee that trees will be damaged. If you’re someone who has a lot of trees on their property, this can be a serious problem. Daunting, as you… Read more »

Adults Can Still Climb Trees

Sometimes we miss being children. Scratch that – we miss being children all the time. That time of innocence and fun when we didn’t have to worry about paying pills or getting sad because we watched the news. When all we needed for a good time was a backyard and the imagination. For some of… Read more »