California Trees Had an Awful 2015

Now that we are in the last week of December, we cannot help but reflect on the year we have had and the state of the world around us and if our recent blog posts are any indication, it has been a rough year. Unfortunately, we have some more tragic news to report concerning California’s… Read more »

The Fight against Deforestation

When thinking of trees nowadays, it is tough to feel optimistic. There is always something sad in the news about dying trees or how many are facing a high risk of disease. With the climate talks in Paris taking center stage, one would hope that more environmentally friendly news would follow. While those talks have… Read more »

Trees Are the Future of This Planet

We are in the midst of the holiday season, but we imagine most people are finding it hard to relax and actually enjoy these days and nights. It’s hard to think of Christmas carols or Christmas cookies when the world seems to be exploding in a different way every single day. There’s so much violence… Read more »

Climate Change Is Killing off Christmas Trees

Whenever you look at up recent news on trees, the world slaps you with a slew of depressing tidbits. There are trees dying because of the drought in California and given the season, it seems that Christmas trees are particularly affected. This year, they are smaller and scarcer due to the lack of rain. This… Read more »