Are you a Virginia Creeper lover?

Cold Stream Farm - are you a Virginia Creeper lover?No, I am not talking about strange folk from the “Old Dominion” but of the flowering plant native to eastern and central United States.  We supply Virginia Creeper bare root seedlings!  Virginia Creepers are an important part of regional tourism, particularly in Virginia and the Appalachians.  One such attraction in the Appalachians is a 34-mile trail.

The Virginia Creeper Trail attracts hikers, runners, and cyclists from all corners of the country.  The trail runs from Abingdon to Whitetop.  It is not only a test of endurance; it is an adventure in beauty.  It is a favorite of many people and is crowded during the summer.

The trail was originally a railroad and was reconditioned to suit the needs of tourism and hikers.  It has been a great success and hopefully will spark reconditioning projects for other railroad areas in the country or, at the very least, get regional minds thinking, if it has not done so already.

Although pleasant to look at it, Virginia Creepers are similar to poison ivy, insofar as its sap can cause skin rashes.  This is due to oxalate crystals contained within the sap.  Oxalate is a salt or ester of oxalic acid.  Oxalates are present not just in plants, but in animals and humans as well.

If you are interesting in starting your own Virginia Creeper Trail, remember that Cold Stream Farm supplies the seedlings.  If you plan accordingly, you might even have tourists coming to your backyard!

For more information on the Virginia Creeper Trail, here is the link to official site of the Virginia Creeper Trail Club.


*Image courtesy of Craig Hradel