Benefits of Planting Bare Root Trees and Shrubs

Are you in the market for some new trees for your property? Bare root trees might be your best option. Bare root trees are dug up and then sold without any soil surrounding their roots. What’s more, there are many advantages that come along with planting them in the ground. There are plenty of advantages to selecting and planting bare root trees and shrubs.

Less Work for You

For starters, plants without mud weighing down the root ball are moved much more easily. This cuts down on labor cost and individual labor effort. Subsequently, bare root trees are typically more affordable than those with heavy mud weighing the roots. Moreover, it’s easier to manage and move when you’re planting.

There is obviously going to be some work involved with picking up bare root trees and planting them in the ground. Nevertheless, one of the things you’ll notice about planting bare root trees is that they don’t require as much work as trees with soil around their roots. The trees weigh a lot less than they would otherwise, which makes it easy to pick them up and move them around. The planting process is also a lot less complicated than it is when there is still soil around a tree’s roots.

Increased Root Mass

Depending on where you buy your bare root trees from, they could potentially have up to 200 percent more roots than trees that come in containers. This will benefit you in a big way once you get them into the ground. They’ll be able to soak up more water and nutrients from the soil and grow to be stronger and healthier trees.

Lower Costs for Your Landscaping

Companies that sell bare root trees don’t have to put as much time and energy into preparing them for customers. They also don’t have to waste a bunch of materials getting them ready to sell. This will cut down on the price you have to pay to obtain bare root trees in the first place.

Bare root trees and shrubs do need to be put into the ground as quickly as possible to stop them from drying out. However, as long as that’s not a problem, you’ll get the chance to find out first-hand how beneficial they can be when you buy them. Cold Stream Farm can provide you with the bare root trees you want for your property. Call us at 231-464-5809 today for additional information on buying and planting them.