Did You Know Michigan is a Leading Producer of Christmas Trees?

Did You Know Michigan is a Leading Producer of Christmas Trees?A supply shortage is driving up Christmas tree prices in some areas this season, but the residents of Michigan shouldn’t have too much to worry about. That’s because our state is the third-leading producer of Christmas trees in the nation, with a harvest of roughly three million fresh trees each year.  It also produces the greatest variety of Christmas tree species of any state in the country. Whereas some states produce just a handful of Christmas tree varieties, you can find more than a dozen different species here in Michigan.

Every holiday season, the state government estimates Michigan’s tree farmers sell more than $41 million in Christmas trees.

Some of the most popular Christmas tree varieties in Michigan include the Scotch pine, white pine, blue spruce and balsam fir.  Some Christmas tree farms offer families the opportunity to cut down their own trees, while others offer pre-cut options. It’s a tradition that many parents have enjoyed since their own childhoods.

Not only can buying a natural Christmas tree support Michigan’s local economy, it can be better for the environment than buying an artificial tree as well. This is because natural trees are biodegradable and don’t require a manufacturing infrastructure to produce. You can even recycle your Christmas tree at the end of the season by renting a wood chipper and turning it into mulch for your garden! Some municipalities offer Christmas tree recycling programs, too.

For more suggestions on how to reuse your Christmas tree once the season’s over, check out this list here!