How to Attract Pheasants to Your Land

With any new tree or plant, you’re essentially adding to your garden’s ecosystem; an improvement that will attract a set of species that can be beneficial for your garden’s development.

Pheasants, which might first appear as a nuisance can help spread seeds and allow other trees and plants to grow by feeding on them.

Every animal—including rabbits, squirrels, and other birds—is attracted to something different in your garden. With pheasants, they’re specifically drawn to crabapple, dogwood, elderberry, Indian current, Oregon grape, snowberry, sumac, and chokecherry. Something about the smell or taste of these plants can be appealing to pheasants, and will have them wanting more.

Additionally, pheasants love to eat a variety of seeds and grains, like wheat, maize, oats, and sunflower hearts. Honestly, even any sort of scraps from your kitchen will do. These animals love to eat and will do so gladly if you place something edible in front of them.

Many owners say that inviting pheasants into your garden is a long-term commitment—they’ll likely stay for some time, and you’ll have to adjust your planting accordingly. That’s a decision you’ll have to make early on. But it’s worth noting that pheasants will hiss if they feel threatened, or scared, although these gentle animals remain nice if they feel welcome in your garden.

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