Information on the Mulberry Tree

Kids across the world have been singing about mulberry “bushes” for years now, thanks to the popular nursery rhyme, “Here We Go ‘Round the Mulberry Bush.” But in reality, mulberry bushes don’t really exist. Mulberry trees do, though, and there are all kinds of benefits that come along with planting them on your property.

Cold Stream Farm has highlighted the multitude of benefits that come with planting a Mulberry tree on your property.

For starters, mulberry trees can grow to be extremely tall and full trees. It’s not uncommon at all to see mulberry trees that stand more than 80 feet high and cover a large swath of land with their humongous canopy. Mulberry trees are also known for producing hundreds of pounds worth of mulberries every year. These berries taste great when they’re used in pies, yogurts, wines, and more. And additionally, mulberry trees can stand up to almost any climate and attract a lot of wildlife over the years.

There are a couple different kinds of mulberry trees that will be available to you if you decide that you want to take advantage of planting them on your property. Red mulberry (Morus rubra) trees are native to the eastern part of North America and tend to grow best in moist soils. They’re self-pollinating and produce dark fruit that looks a lot like blackberries. The fruit has a flavor that’s very strong and sweet.

Russian mulberry (Morus alba) trees, on the other hand, originated in northern China before being cultivated in other parts of the world. They’re more drought tolerant than red mulberry trees and can grow in most soils. The fruit that they produce doesn’t have the strong flavor that you’ll find with the fruit produced by red mulberry trees. But they’ve become the most popular mulberry tree in the U.S. in recent years and are often used to windbreak.

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