No Green Thumb Needed: A Shrub You Can’t Kill

Many different types of plants, flowers, and trees take a lot of care and expertise to grow. However, if you don’t have a “green thumb,” you might be searching for greenery that you can enjoy with little maintenance required.

Cold Stream Farm sells a variety of shrubs that can be cared for with minimal effort, so you can enjoy them without fear of destroying them, including hydrangeas.

Thriving in the Cold

Located in the Northern region, it might be hard to believe that anything gentle and colorful can survive in Michigan’s colder weather.  Yet, the Pee Gee Hydrangea embraces the cold and can tolerate colder temperatures.  Additionally, the Pee Gee stems from the Panicle Hydrangea family which are especially hardy and fairly easy to grow.

Location is Vital

The Pee Gee is flexible and can be used as a border.  If you plan to use them as a border,  place them 12 to 15 feet apart as they grow in full and wide.  When planting your Pee Gee, be sure to place them just below ground level to avoid rotting roots.  It is believed the hardest part of caring for a hydrangea is finding the right location for it. The ideal location would include full sun and plenty of mulch to keep the soil cool and moisturized.

Adjust Care to Your Routine

Fortunately, once an appropriate location is selected, a daily watering routine is all that is required.  Mornings are the prime time to water to prevent wilting during the day. Since pests are of little concern against this hardy shrub, neglect and over-pruning can be tolerated if your Pee Gee is watered and gets plenty of sunlight.

If you are interested other hard-to-kill shrubs, consider Cold Stream Farm’s “Forsythia Lynwood Gold.” Cold Stream Farm is a wholesale and retail bare root tree and shrub nursery in Michigan.