Now’s the Time to Trim Up Vines

VinesIf left unchecked, the vines around your home can really begin to take over and become a mess. Now that fall is here and the cooler temperatures have settled in it’s the perfect time to trim up some of the vines on your home.

If the vines of your home are Pyracantha, cotoneaster or ceanothus – some of the most common wall-climbing vine species – then fall is a great time to prune them. These plants bloom in the spring, so this fall season is the perfect time at the opposite side of their flowering cycle to trim them up. While doing so, be careful not to cut into the old wood, as this can result in your vines not producing flowers or berries in the spring.

Clematis vines that bloom late should be trimmed in the fall as well. When you do, prune them down to a pair of plump, healthy buds that are about 12 inches from the base of the vine, says HGTV. This will give you great-looking new vine growth after the snow melts. On the other hand, if your clematis is a little more out of control, you can trim it right down to the ground. This will allow you to start fresh in the spring and mold and shape the growth of your vines along your home.

As for wisteria vines, these need to be shortened to two times a year – once in summer and again in late fall or early winter. When you trim wisteria in the winter, it’s important to get rid of any new stems that formed in the summer. Trimming back a wisteria plant to leave only two buds will help the vine grow back fresher and fuller when the weather breaks.

If you’re in the market for new vines or would like to add more to your home, Cold Stream Farm has got you covered. We offer a selection of vines, as well as shrubs and trees to help make your home greener. If you would like more information on our plants, feel free to call us today at 231-464-5809!