Planting Redwoods on Your Land

The tall canopy created overhead when towering trees are allowed to grow to their full natural height creates an impressive skyline in any setting. We’re quick to point out the uses for the low shrub and bare root trees available through our wholesale store here on the Cold Stream Farm blog. However, redwoods, sequoias and other conifers that we hold in our inventory can be planted in a landscape to achieve a very beautiful effect.

For an idea of what strong, healthy conifers can do for the aesthetic quality of an area of land, one needs look no further than the state of California. All over this great region, the wilderness is dotted with groves of redwoods. The imperial nature of these trees inspires feelings of awe and wonder in those who take the time to get close to them.

This article published by BusinessMirror discusses some of the grandeur of seeing these incredible trees in person. Unfortunately, sometimes the most impressive collections of these redwoods are only available hundreds of miles away from the nearest major cities. However, these trees with their amazingly thick trunks, which often reach hundreds of feet into the sky when fully grown, are constantly sought after by wildlife enthusiasts for their power and beauty.

For miles and miles along the terrain of California, the amazing qualities of redwoods leave a major mark on the landscape. These redwood forests even have a starring role in one of the greatest songs about America as a lyric in Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land.” The system of Redwood National and State Parks receives approximately 400,000 visitors every single year; this large number of people comes out simply to revel in the natural quality of these trees, as well as other aspects of the local wilderness.

Cold Stream Farm wants our clients to be able to construct any style of landscape of their choosing. Whether you want towering conifers, or you’re seeking a few low-lying shrubs to fill out your garden, browse our inventory to view the best quality of wholesale trees in Northern Michigan.