Plants and Safety: Picking Plants to Deter Burglars

PlantsPlants add life and character to your property. They are pretty to look at and allow us to be in touch with nature, even when our homes are located in the middle of suburbia. Some plants, though, offer more than just aesthetics; they can also help deter burglars and other home invaders.

Most people think installing home security systems or making it look like someone is home are the best ways to prevent your home from being burglarized. While those methods are very effective, certain plants can make breaking into your house an arduous process, reports London’s The Telegraph. At Cold Stream Farm, we want you to know which of our plants will work best to keep your home safe and secure.

To start, spruce plants are a great way to deter people from snooping around on your property. They are thick, prickly and large, making them visually imposing – though very pretty to look at – and quite an annoying contender for a would-be burglar. Most of the time, a bandit wants to make a quick entrance and exit, and large, prickly plants can help keep them away from your home.

Similarly, other pine trees are painful plants to have to climb through. These don’t have to be large trees, and instead can be shrubs or bushes. Pines feature sharp needles that can not only be incredibly irrigating to the skin, but snag on clothes, making them a real nuisance to walk through. Another benefit? Both spruce and pine plants are green year-round, meaning that they’ll help bolster your home’s security 24/7.

Other smaller thorny plants, such as roses or various types of Juniper, are excellent burglar deterrents, as well. The key here, though, is to keep them a bit unkempt. By allowing these plants to take hold and grow beneath windows and other entries, they keep would-be home invaders at bay and means that their only hiding spots are places where they will be in pain from your defensive plant life.

Cold Stream Farm is pleased to have a wide variety of plants that offer both beauty and protection. If you have any questions on the best plants for your property, we’ve got you covered. To find out more or to place an order for new plants at your home, call us today at 231-464-5809.