Plants That Increase Your Home Security

July 2nd, 2019 | Posted by Coldstreamfarm
Plants That Increase Your Home Security

Installing a home security system, locking your door when you are away from home, and leaving a timer to switch lights on and off are all great ways to thwart thieves. In addition to those methods, certain plants can add an extra layer of security for your home.  Plants add both life and character to your property. They allow us to be in touch with nature, no matter where you live. Aside from increasing your curb appeal, plants can also help deter burglars and other home invaders.

Here are a few plants that help boost your home’s security:Plants That Increase Your Home Security

  • Spruce Trees – These thick and prickly bushes can be hard to see through. If a burglar is trying to case your home these will help conceal your windows and make it harder for them to snoop around your property. Spruce trees range in height from 60-200 ft tall, making them visually imposing – though very pretty to look at. Most thieves try to make a quick entrance and exit, and large, prickly plants can slow them down, and deter them from invading your property.


  • Pine trees– These trees can be extremely painful to climb through. These don’t have to be large trees, and instead can be shrubs or bushes. Pines feature sharp needles that with prick anyone trying to maneuver through them. This is like having a natural armor around your home’s perimeter. These shrubs will work best if placed near entryways and underneath windows.


  • Roses or various types of Juniper, are excellent burglar deterrents, as well. The key here, though, is to keep them a bit unkempt. By allowing these plants to take hold and grow beneath windows and other entries, they keep would-be home invaders at bay and means that their only hiding spots are places where they will be in pain from your defensive plant life.

Cold Stream Farm offers a wide variety of plants that provide both beauty and protection. To find out more or to place an order for new plants at your home, visit our website and view our deciduous shrubs.

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