Protecting Your Trees From the Winter Elements

All across America and no matter the climate zone, winter is approaching. For many states across the United States, winter is a significant change in temperatures and weather. Trees in these areas can be affected by the winter elements, so it’s very important to take measures to ensure the health and safety of your trees this winter.

With that said, are you protecting your trees, shrubs or seedlings?  If not, you should consider our tree tubes and tree shelters.  Tree shelters provide protection for young trees by forming a physical barrier or wall around the tree.  Although the primary function of tree shelters is protecting young trees from animals, there also are many other benefits.

Tree shelters are a lot like greenhouses insomuch as they accelerate growth, but more importantly, they protect against the elements.  In the early stages of their growth, trees are very vulnerable to the elements, particularly frost.  Not surprisingly, you must keep an eye on temperature when guiding young trees in their growth.  Tree shelters give you the upper hand.

The belief that very cold temperatures injure trees and shrubbery is a common misconception.  What hurts growth more, especially in younger trees, is the rapid fluctuation of temperature.  It is safe to say that every region in this country has been experiencing these rapid fluctuations.  Summer seems longer and winter sudden and misplaced.  As a result, trees, shrubs, and plants may be de-acclimated or, in other words, they never get used to the temperature and climate and cannot grow properly or not at all.  Again, tree shelters give you the upper hand in dealing with the inconsistent environment.

Regardless of the climate zone you may be living in, tree tubes and tree shelters are a great way to protect your young trees and facilitate their growth.

If you’re in need of the gardening and planting tools required to protect your trees and shrubs this winter, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact Cold Stream Farm at 231-464-5809 today or visit us online for more information!