Real Christmas Trees Still Top Artificials

Christmas is an experience. There are many factors that contribute to the whole holiday experience including the smell of fresh-baked cookies, the sound of festive music, the peppermint taste of a candy cane and the fresh pine aroma of an authentic Christmas tree. There is nothing like coming downstairs early Christmas morning to that natural pine scent as you exchange gifts and experience the joy of being cozy with your family.

Popularity of Real Christmas TreesWhile some people in the past few decades have opted to use fake trees, these plastic and aluminum alternatives take away some of the magic of having a real tree. It turns out that a majority of people agree, as well, with the most recent data showing most Americans prefer the real thing.

Statistically speaking, more people opt to purchase real trees as opposed to fake trees for the holiday season. According to the National Christmas Tree Association the number of real trees purchased is more than double the total of fake trees. Fake trees are also more expensive, according to NCTA poll results that showed Americans spent more money on fake trees last year – by nearly $19 per tree – even though less than half the number of fake trees were sold. Sure, they last longer, but fake trees lack the life and authenticity of real trees that make Christmas complete.

Cold Stream Farm sells nothing but the real thing! We have a wide array of conifers including spruce trees, pine trees and fir trees that are perfect for growing your own trees for a future Christmas season! Our seeds have even been used by clients to start their very own Christmas tree farms! Whatever type of tree you prefer, our inventory and selection has you covered.

Christmas is a special time that only comes once a year, so why not bring your experience to the next level with your own real tree? To learn more about ordering a conifer for your home, shop online now or call us at 231-464-5809 today.