Recycling Your Christmas Trees

Recycling Your Christmas TreesHappy New Year! We are in the first week of 2014, which means only one thing: we are in the midst of Christmas tree recycling season. Yes, it is a very exciting time indeed! All across the nation, groups are being organized and initiatives being set so that people recycle their Christmas trees. San Antonio is one such place, as area residents will have four days to drop off their trees at various locations in the city.

In the article, “Get ready to recycle those Christmas trees,” Josh Baugh of writes, “City officials are reminding residents who recycle their trees that before dropping them off, the trees must be free of decorations, stands, nails and plastic wrapping. “Flocked” Christmas trees, those adorned with artificial snow, also may be recycled. If the trees are taller than 6 feet, they must be cut in half.”

Clearly, San Antonio isn’t messing around and has set up an effective system of recycling Christmas trees. Over the years, city officials have tried numerous methods in disposing of Christmas trees and, given the experience, have come up with a system that seems to work. All the power to them.

Before recycling your tree, make sure you adhere to your community’s rules regarding it. While San Antonio’s rules are basically universal, certain communities may have specific requirements. It’s great to see the country united in these recycling programs. At Cold Stream Farm, we support all forms of recycling and are ecstatic that people are starting off the New Year by making eco-friendly decisions.