Spring Gardening Tips 

Spring is here, and now is a great time to get outdoors and tend to your lawn and garden. There are many tasks to be done during spring to prepare your garden for the upcoming warmer months. 

Here are a few tips to ensure the success of your lawn and garden:

Assess Your Lawn/ Garden

Before you begin, walk around your lawn and garden and take an assessment of the current state it is in. Take note of any dry patches, weeds, and any other issues that need attention. Once you figure out any of the problems in your garden, you can start to take care of them. 


During this time, you may notice an increase of weeds on your lawn and in your garden. Dandelions will begin to sprout and spread very quickly. Despite their bad reputation, dandelions actually have many benefits. They are apart of the daisy family, and many people repurpose their dandelions for other useful purposes. Instead of using an herbicide, you can pull the weeds from your garden. This may take some time, but it is the most thorough way to remove them if it is done from the root. 

Mow the Lawn 

If your grass has grown high, it can be difficult to see which areas need attention. Start by mowing your lawn. Be sure you have your lawnmower on the correct setting for your grass type and length. When mowing your lawn, be sure to mow in varying directions to ensure a nice even cut. If you experience a lot of weeds in your garden, try setting your mower at a taller height. This will help the grass to grow taller and thicker and shades the ground, thus preventing more weeds from growing. 

After mowing your lawn, you can start planning what you will plant, if you are planting new seeds. You can also use the clippings as fertilizer or put them in your compost if you don’t want to throw them away. 


Hardscaping refers to the non-living elements of your lawn and garden. This includes bricks, dividers, trellises, benches, and other design elements you incorporate into your garden. This helps to separate parts of your garden and also brings another form of decoration. 

Plant Shrubs/ Plants 

There are a few different shrubs and plants that can be planted during this time. This will depend on the climate you live in and what plants you want in your garden. 

Check out the Farmer’s Almanac for tips on creating a planting calendar and finding out which plants thrive in your climate and region. 

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