The Need to Protect Our National Forests

For many years, national forests have been protected by governments across the world. It’s extremely important that as citizens of America, we continue to protect our national forests and wildlife. Our national forests provide a haven for wildlife and recreationists l alike. Our country is filled with beautiful landscapes provided by national forests, wildlife reserves, and untouched land. To protect these incredible places, we need to do our part in supporting these places in our everyday lives.

How Can We Do Our Part in Protecting Our National Forests?

It’s extremely important that we take care of these national forests when visiting them. National parks and forests are great places to go hiking, camping, and witness the landscapes that they provide us. When we venture out into the wilderness, we need to treat these places with respect. We need to remind ourselves that these places are safe havens and not garbage dumps or demolition areas.

Another way to protect our national forests is to advocate for legislation and speak up about protecting our forests to local government officials and higher-ups.

Help to Fund Our National Forests and Parks

Our national forests provide wildlife and humans with many natural resources like clean drinking water, clean air, and recreation opportunities at no cost. To ensure well-maintained national parks and forests, we need to make sure we support and help fund these places, so they can be preserved and protected for many years to come.

The Benefits of Our National Forests & Parks

Many people don’t realize how important our untouched and protected lands are in this beautiful country. These national forests are havens for wildlife and provide us with an abundance of healthy trees for the ecosystem. For example, the Redwood National Forest and Sequoia National Forests are home to the tallest trees in the world, and they are hundreds of years old. These trees are resilient to natural disasters and provide the ecosystem with clean air. They also capture pollutants and carbon dioxide helping to reduce our carbon footprint.  

  • Provide us with beautiful national parks
  • Clean air
  • Haven for Wildlife and Recreationists
  • Benefit the ecosystem
  • Reduce Carbon footprint

What Can We Do at Home to Support Wildlife?

Owning property and a home allows you to create a landscape of your own. Planting shrubs, trees, flowers and other plants helps to provide a healthier ecosystem and environment for wildlife and humans to live in.

At Cold Stream Farm, we have shrubs and trees for wholesale at our farm. We can provide you with a plethora of different trees and shrubs to create an amazing backyard or landscape for your home or business. Planting is a great way to provide support for our wildlife in this country, and we encourage you to keep planting. We support all national forests and wildlife preserves because we understand the importance of them in our world.

If you’re looking to protect our lands and plant more on your property, contact Cold Stream Farm at 231-464-5808 today or visit us online for more information!