The Threat of American Brown Rot

Here at Cold Stream Farm, we offer our customers a wide range of deciduous trees to use in their landscaping design plans, including some intriguing fruit-bearing trees. From cherry to plum to apricot, our wholesale deciduous tree inventory contains some very fruity options, which will insert some sweet flavor into any outdoor grove.

It’s of great importance to us to let our customers know about important considerations they should keep in mind for the proper care and maintenance of their landscape. Those working with fruit-bearing trees like the ones discussed above may want to pay attention to a plant health report issued by scientific researchers working at local academic institutions.

This blog post published by Michigan State University Extension discusses the threat that American brown rot poses to fruit trees when the optimal weather conditions are present for this fungus to thrive. American brown rot, caused by the fungal strain Monilinia fructicola, can rot individual cherry fruits within a period of 24 hours and easily spreads to other fruit on the same tree.

Warm, wet conditions as fruits develop ripen, when they contain higher sugar content, can encourage the development of American brown rot. Temperatures ranging from 67 degrees Fahrenheit to 77 degrees Fahrenheit are optimal for infection. Once infected, spore production for the spread of American brown rot can take place between 59 degrees and 74 degrees.

Once fruit is infected, it’s impossible to stop the spread of this pathogen within a tree, and it can affect cherries, apricots, peaches, plums and nectarines. Tree owners can protect their fruit-bearing trees with the application of fungicides to the tree. Different fungicides that can protect trees from this disease include strobilurins, sterol inhibitors and succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors. Look for antifungal products labeled Merivon, Fontelis or Luna Sensation.

Here at Cold Stream Farm, we’re always on the lookout for important information to pass on to those trying to build a healthy landscape. When you need the highest quality in plant life, our Michigan wholesale tree and shrubbery inventory is sure to have what you’re looking for.