Trees Might Be Communicating with Each Other

Trees are curious living things. They provide living things with oxygen, and they capture as much toxins, carbon dioxide, and other harmful debris to humans, so our world can continue to go round. We could not live on this planet for long without trees, which gives us the mystery and phenom of these beautiful creatures.

Trees are Having a Social Life

As we know from science, trees in the wilderness support each other. In forests, if a tree is suffering from sickness or even dying, the other trees will provide it with sugar and nutrients. This is obvious evidence that trees are nurturing beings.

One of the problems we have with trees and parks located in cities or populated areas is that the trees don’t live their full potential lives. Trees living out in the wilderness or with many other plants and vegetation around them will live much longer.

Like humans, urban trees are isolated socially from other trees. If something happens to them, usually they will fall from their healthy lives to death because there is no other tree to take care of them.

The Resilience of Trees

We can take a look at major forests in the United States for evidence of the resilience of trees. The Redwoods and Sequoias are some of the most resilient trees. They have been living for hundreds of years and stand tall. After wildfires occur on the west coast, the trees that were damaged will grow back strong and healthy. If there was a fire in a city with trees surrounding the building, the trees most likely wouldn’t survive.

Trees are More than Just Beneficial for Humans

Humans use trees for lumber, shade, and relocating. They are more than that, though. Trees deserve to be taken care of by humans more than ever. Preserving our forests and trees requires the elimination of land clearing in many parts of the country.

  • Trees Improve Air Quality
  • Habitat for Wildlife
  • They Temper the Climate
  • Improve Water Quality
  • Reduce Flooding & Erosion
  • Energy Efficient

Tree’s Need to Be Preserved

We need to allow trees to be social with each other, so that we can ensure the health and resilience against natural and man-made disasters. It’s important for us to not create man-made disasters and continue to cut down forests because we will be impacting trees negatively.

Natural elements can have negative impacts on trees, which means we also have to be ready to help trees in natural situations. For example, Cicadas are emerging from the ground after 17 years. The problem with cicadas is that they threaten young trees because they will lay their eggs in the branches. The young trees can possibly die from this. Cicadas are usually harmless to humans, but for some wildlife, they can be a real problem. This is just an example to remind us that we need to make sure we do everything we can to protect trees from deadly elements.

Plant More Trees and Vegetation on Your Property

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