Tremendous Nursery Deals at End of Summer

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, it seems as though another season of gardening has come and gone. However, here at Cold Stream Farm, we know that veteran gardeners are looking forward to this time of year for all of the great bargains it can bring.

As this article published by The Portland Press Herald discusses, there are a bevy of tremendous nursery deals to be had in the later days of the summer season. Even in northern climates, there are still opportunities to squeeze a few more weeks of natural splendor out of your garden.

A shrub or flower, which is planted in August, will take just as well as a garden bed that’s finished in May, it’s just that the cold times are approaching and the plants are not likely to last long. For this reason, many nurseries are quick to slash prices on products that they think will be a tough sell during these weeks.

If you’re looking for the deepest discounts, look at the price cuts on plants that are more expensive. Once these plants start to wither, a nursery won’t be able to recoup any profit from it, so expect to see the biggest drops in price with these items.

For shrubs and hardier plants that you expect to last the winter, pack them in with soil and consider using some mycorrhizae, a soil fungus that encourages the absorption of nutrients by a plant’s roots. Continue to water the plants until the freezing weather sets in, which may be late into December in some regions.

At Cold Stream Farm, we always have great deals on a variety of shrubs, trees and plants for your home garden or landscape. If your outdoor property design ideas involve greenery, it’s likely that we have the inventory to make your dreams come true. We also offer plenty of evergreen options for a beautiful landscape all year long.