Understanding the Concept of Groundcovers

In any person’s garden, there is often an area where grass isn’t the best option—be it in between banks, underneath tree shade, or in other areas where grass can’t grow as well due to the availability of water or exposure to sunlight. However, many people still want landscaping there, just not the type that may require extensive maintenance over time. Is there anything out there that can work for you? One word: groundcovers.

Groundcover plants are specifically made for parts of the garden where grass isn’t preferred and take their name because they grow directly over the ground and cover it.

They can act as vital sources of weed suppression and offer additional color and texture to make a garden even more beautiful than before. But the best part? They require much less inconvenient maintenance than normal landscape elements. So you can sit back and relax.

Many of our clients use our Bearberry, for example, for the space between flagstones and pavers. It’s sometimes used as a living mulch, that can help regulate topsoil and help cool off the ground. That’s another value added by groundcover plants: not only are they helpful in protecting topsoil, but also, controlling against erosion and drought. They’ll help your garden retain water when there’s less of it and keep a solid garden in place.

If you have any questions or concerns about groundcover plants, do let us know. At Cold Stream Farm, our experienced staff can provide information on the types of groundcover plants that would work well in your particular situation, and what benefits they carry. We can also show you how to care for these types of plants properly, to ensure that they last long. When finished, you’ll have an alternate lawn that is both unique, and beneficial, to your garden. Contact us today to get started!