Understanding What Plants and Trees Attract Rabbits

Trees and plants serve many purposes. They provide shade, oxygen, and countless products that we use every day.

If you are interested in drawing rabbits to your property, you can do that with help of specific plants and trees.

People want to attract rabbits for a variety of reasons, but most people do it so they can get some of nature’s most beloved animals in their own backyards.

Plants and Trees that Attract Rabbits

It seems that some trees and plants have superpowers because different breeds are capable of doing many things including living in dry land, being alkaline tolerant, and having the ability to attract all sorts of animals including pheasants, hummingbirds, grouse, and of course rabbits.

The breeds that you will want to look into when attracting rabbits include dogwood, hawthorn, Indian current, and the Norway maple. While the reasons behind the rabbit attraction are somewhat a mystery, it has been proven that rabbits frequent these species more than any other. In many cases, it is because the animals are drawn to the color or taste of them.

As important as it is to know which trees and plants attract rabbits, it is also good to know which plants rabbits are most likely to avoid so you can make sure not to plant them. Many of these rabbit resistant plants include redbud, fir, spruce, oak, and Douglas fir.

Other Rabbit Attractions

If you are really want to bring rabbits to your property, there are other methods that you can try in addition to your plants and trees. The easiest way is to provide food for the rabbits to enjoy. Some of their favorites include clover, lettuce, and, of course, carrots. Rabbits also enjoy the occasional sip of water so put out a small dish of water that they can enjoy at their leisure.

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