What Plants Grow Naturally in Your Backyard?

Many landscaping enthusiasts, especially those who may be undertaking a personal project for the first time, often get really excited at the prospect of using a wide array of flora and fauna available through nurseries and elsewhere. With the Internet as a resource, it’s easy to get carried away with the incredible variety of intriguing plant life that our world has to offer.

However, sometimes it’s best to stick with the kind of plants that can grow naturally in your backyard. People find themselves traveling across the country so often now that they don’t realize every region has its own delicate ecology that supports all life. What exists as an everyday plant in one area may be an unwanted invasive species in another.

Native to Your Terrain

There are plenty of reasons to do your research and see what kinds of plants will thrive in your yard. Native species are built for the local terrain in a way that foreign species aren’t, and vice versa. You wouldn’t expect a palm tree to grow in the northern climate of Maine, and some plants need dry environments that aren’t experienced in some regions that are soaked with rain each year.

Native plants are also usually a part of a much larger chain of regional wildlife. Trees and shrubs can support the diet of birds, insects and other animals that can feed on pollen, nuts and berries. Local species thrive on what is naturally produced by plant life, and much of this can’t be provided by non-native species, which are shipped in from out of town.

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