Why Planting Trees is So Important for the Environment

Our climate is changing, and many natural disasters are destroying our environment. Trees on our planet play a very important role in sustainable life, which is why it’s important for us, as human beings to keep on planting trees for the benefit of the environment and our own lives. Preserving life on Earth can only be done if we keep on providing our planet with the resources it needs to heal its wounds.

They Help the Environment

Let’s face it, without trees, our world is just a wasteland. Without trees, life on Earth would no longer be. Trees help the ecosystem stay alive, so our world can perish greatly. Here are reasons why trees are needed for our planet:

The air we breathe – Trees, through the leaves and the bark, absorb pollutants and will release clean oxygen for all living beings to breathe. Healthy trees act as our protection from harmful pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, ozone, and carbon monoxide. Strong trees will absorb the atmospheric carbon dioxide and reduce the effects of climate change.

Water – Having trees helps reduce the risk of natural disasters like floods and mudslides because the capture rainwater. They also slow down water’s absorption into the soil and reduce pollutants. Having trees on our planet gives us another protective defense against harmful disasters that could destroy our property, as well as our land.

Biodiversity – One tree can be the home to hundreds of different species. Without trees in our world, these species may not have a place to live, therefore they will die out in some cases causing a destructive planet.

Why We Should Plant Trees Now

As we are witnessing more and more natural disasters such as hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, and wildfires ravish our communities, we need to be planting more trees, so we can reduce the destructiveness of climate change. Of course, there are other measures to take in order to reduce climate change including eliminating our carbon footprint and finding ways to replace harmful energy resources, but trees is one other step to take.

If everyone planted at least one tree on their property, the world would be on the right track. We would be investing in our children’s future just by planting trees to help the ecosystem fight against climate change.

Look for the Perfect Tree

We encourage you to go out and get a tree to plant in your yard. If you’re not sure which tree species is right for you, Cold Stream Farm can help you pick the right one out. We have a wide variety of trees you can choose from to plant. We sell wholesale plants and trees for your convenience. You can help save the world by planting trees and shrubs for wildlife habitat.

If you’re looking for the right trees to plant, contact Cold Stream Farm at 231-464-5809 today or visit us online for more information about wholesale trees and shrubs!