Will Trees Help to Save Us?

The world has been dealing with the climate change issue for many years. We’re seeing natural disasters become more severe and frequent in recent years, and the question has always been how can we reverse this progression? We can look to trees for some help with the environmental impact.

How Can Trees Help?

Well, planting trees can help in some way. They won’t save us completely. We have to eliminate our carbon footprint to ensure our safety and the environment’s safety. Planting trees is definitely a benefit for our environment.

What do Trees do?

For one, trees will clean the air by absorbing pollutant odors and gases and filter particles in their leaves and bark. With the impact of climate change, trees can absorb the carbon dioxide that is excessively building up in the atmosphere. They will store the carbon dioxide and then release oxygen in the air. With cities reducing their carbon footprint and planting trees, we will see in an increase in the outdoor air quality among these places. Less smog and more fresh air for people to breathe in.

Living on a property filled with trees, your home will be much cooler in the summer months. Conserving the energy of your air conditioner each year can be good for energy savings and helping the environment. They also will help to shield UV rays if you’re sitting under the tree in the summer for extra shade.

The Benefits of Planting Trees

At Cold Stream Farm, we can provide you with wholesale trees and shrubs to plant on your land. We believe that our lives are better if we plant more in our communities. Check out our last blog post for more information about the benefits of trees!

Let’s Get Back to the Great Outdoors

Ever since the pandemic struck the world, our lives have changed drastically due to social distancing, lockdowns, and health concerns. We all realized that we need to be outside for the sake of physical and mental health, but when we aren’t polluting the air, we see clean air improve in many places.

So, what can we do when we spend our time outdoors? We won’t ever want to go outside if we treat the outdoors with disrespect, so it’s time to treat our wildlife with respect. Here’s a list of things you can do to spend outside and help our environment out.

  • Explore and Adventure (Camping, Hiking, Getting in touch with nature)
  • Planting Vegetable Garden
  • Planting Trees and Shrubs
  • Supporting our National and Local Parks
  • Cleaning up garbage outside
  • Bike riding
  • Recycle
  • Invest in Renewable Energy

If you practice good habits when taking care of the environment, then our world will be much better, and we can help improve our planet.

Start by Planting More on Your Property

If you own land, one thing you should start with is planting on your property. Whether you’re willing to start a vegetable garden or just spruce up your yard with trees, shrubs, or flowers, you’ll end up enjoying it. Cold Stream Farm can help you get started with our wholesale trees and shrubs. We have a plethora of trees and shrubs you can choose from depending on your plans or design.

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